Petal Parlours & Glitter Bars

About the Petal Parlour & Glitter Bars

A beautifully set up space where guests can come relax and have a bit of fun! You can hire our Petal Parlour or Glitter Bar and one of our petal or glitter artists can attend and help cover all your party guests in beautiful pressed blooms. Guests can drop-in and receive a dried flower manicure or have dried flowers applied to the face. Our eco-friendly glitter can be applied to the face, hair and body.

We cater for all types of events including corporate summer parties, big weddings, small hen-dos and everything in between! So get in touch if you feel like adding something different to your event!

Book a Petal Parlour?

Please email us at and answer all the following questions listed below in your email so we can send you a personalised quote, or please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Date of Event
  • Location
  • Start Time
  • End Time (min 2 hours)
  • No. of people attending
  • No. of artists required (leave this out if you are unsure)

If you event is outside the UK, a festival (or event over multiple days) or over 500 people please drop us an email to explain the details of what you need.

What is included in a Petal Parlour?

Packages can be built to your requirements but normally include:

A large range of pressed flowers and foliage.
Glues, balms and adhesives.
Biodegradable glitters are optional to enhance the flower looks.
Brushes and sponges.
Biodegradable wet wipes.
Table decoration including; 2 large mirrors surrounded by classic glass terrariums and beautiful ornate styling, gold jars and fairy lights.
Gems and glue (latex free and vegan)

Basic packages start from only £140

Petal Parlour Booking Form

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