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It’s a bit of a cliché, but your hair really is your crowning glory on your wedding day, so you’ll want it to look its very best.

Inspirational ideas

“Once you’ve decided on your wedding theme and chosen your dress, that’s when you start planning ideas on how you want your hair to work with the overall look. As well as bridal magazines, keep an eye on the latest red carpet events for hair inspiration.”


Stay true to yourself

“Lots of brides do something completely different with their hair on their wedding day. When you walk down the aisle, you don’t want your groom to look at you at the altar and think that you look completely different to the girl he’s in love with, so stay true to yourself!”


Try before you buy

“Organising a hair trial is key to making sure you get the look you want for the big day. When you go for your trial, take pictures of your dress with you, so your hair stylist can give you the best advice and suggest the most relevant styles that work with your dress and the feel of your wedding.”

“I’d also recommend that you ask your hairstylist, or a friend to take a picture of how your hair looks, from all angles. Then you can go home and decide, which style suits your big day best.”


Stay healthy

“Keep your hair healthy by applying deep conditioning treatments every fortnight in the months leading up to your wedding. This will keep your hair shiny, moisturised and fully nourished, so your hair is full of va-va-voom on the day.”


Keep it tidy

“If you’re growing your hair, make sure you book into the salon for a tidy up every six to eight weeks to ensure your hair stays healthy. Keeping the ends of your hair healthy and free of split ends will actually promote growth, not stunt it.”


Get in shape

“If you have short hair, have it cut the week before the wedding, this will make sure the shape is fresh! With longer hair, have it cut any time in the last three weeks running up to your wedding day, as this will get rid of any wispy or straggly ends, making sure your hair looks thick and healthy.”


Vibrant colours

“Sometimes your hair takes a couple of weeks to settle into a colour. To avoid that just- coloured look, getting this done a week or two before your wedding will make sure your hair is looking fresh, vibrant and at its best.”